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Using a poor translation also puts you in danger of misleading customers and hence to customer service problems you do not the resources to cope with. It is important to remember that localisation is the key to transposing your website into German. Poor localisation is often the result of trying to cut corners by using free translation services or bilingual employees. Saving money on professional translation can be seen as a winner in the short term but is unlikely to achieve the desired results. Localisation applies equally to images and the layout of the website as it does to the words used. For example, a German translation of an English website will use up to 30% more words than the original content so the layout will need to be reconfigured. Why use a professional translator? This can cause misunderstandings and if you need to report to clients it might be difficult to get SEO reports that will be able to convey the information to an English speaking company. Many of these SEO companies from Germany also charge higher rates, since taxes and fees in Germany are much higher for businesses and you will have to pay for the additional cost. If you conduct your business in US Dollar you will also have to pay their services in Euro, which adds additional cost. The reason why German SEO expert Ingo Haupt founded this company is that these two business models do not provide the professional level of SEO services an international company needs for their German websites. You don’t speak German? As far as purchasing power, the German economy is the strongest in Europe and the fourth strongest in the world behind the United States, China, Japan, and India (in terms of gross national product). Export wise, Germany is the strongest exporter in the world (despite the strength of the Euro). German speaking countries are vital importers and exporters to Israel. For example, Germany has for many years been holding the title of the second most important commerce partner of Israel, behind the United States. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland import a diverse spectrum of products from Israel. The top of the import list is mainly comprised of chemical products, medicine, Israeli developments in the software and hardware fields, and electronic appliances. The tourist and hotel industries also benefit from approximately 300,000 German tourists each year. Language translation is just one aspect (although a major one) of what is known as localisation. The aim of the localisation process is to give your company’s product or service the look and feel of having been created specifically for the target market, minimising or eliminating altogether any local sensitivities. When translating your web pages into German, the user’s online experience must be culturally correct and relevant. When you have carried out research to understand the cultural differences of a German audience, you may need to adapt graphics and modify content. The layout may need to be adapted to accommodate a larger number of words and text and graphics may need to be altered to use different currency symbols. If the language used is full of mistakes, people will assume that your product or service will also be sub-standard. For UK based businesses who wish to reach a German audience, the solution is to use a professional translation agency specialising in website and business translations; this will ensure high quality and accuracy. Professional translation services are one of the fastest-growing sectors in UK business and demonstrate the importance of accurate translation and interpretation to both private and business clients. Reach a wider audience with less effort. Having your content translated properly makes you more efficient - the content on each page of your website only has to be written once and can then be translated as required. There are several reasons. First of all, because 91% of the traffic of a website comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Then, take into consideration that 80% of those who use search engines only check the results that appear on the first page. Also, the search engine optimization is the cheapest and most effective way of promoting a website. By using this method you will get visitors that are looking for the exact item or service that you provide. Unlike sponsored links, the SEO helps you acquire high ranking positions for a long period of time. What are SEO and SEM? We establish sales sites, image sites, and sites for recruiting clients in German speaking countries. Contact us and start selling before you even know it! SEO Jerusalem is a premium search engine optimization company, promoting websites in English, Hebrew and German SEO. Our SEO expert team provides worldwide SEO services and we serve as one of the leading companies in the Israel SEO market. Our search engine marketing strategies and our innovative SEO web development techniques are ideal for Google SEO or any other organic SEO needs. Locally - We offer Israel-wide SEO services including the cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Kiryat Shmona , Haifa and Eilat. Worldwide - we offer global campaign services to companies and organizations from all over the world. We look forward to working with you, so please feel free to contact us. German is the largest and most important language of Europe - with English trailing in second place. It forms part of the Germanic language branch which sprouted many other European languages such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and even English. How many speakers are there of the German language? There are 200 million speakers of German located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries of central Europe. What German language issues do I need to watch out for? A number of key issues present themselves with German - not least the great number of dialects spoken in and around Germany based on German. Fortunately, in a written sense, Hochdeutsch or mainstream German remains the most significant. Which major search engines are important to German speakers? Google Germany is the most popular search engine, with 93% market share. Improve your presence in German search engines with Webcertain's German search marketing services. Reach your audience in German through multilingual SEO, multilingual PPC and German online PR. With German native speakers and local cultural knowledge of Germany, Webcertain will give your online campaigns the boost they need to achieve success in the German market. Mixing the language of your texts between English and German, with exact, generic and partial all included, gives you the opportunity to distribute your anchor texts more broadly. After spending weeks or months perfecting your website design, you may be surprised to find that when you translate it into another language there may be considerably more or fewer words than before. German is notorious for its long compound nouns and the number of characters you use for your German pages may be up to a third more than in English while a Finnish translation will use up to 60% more space. This could leave your website looking less than impressive! Language translation isn’t enough - don’t neglect other localisation work. Google will spot this and rank your page in the .de search engine. Users can switch between languages with a link at the top of the page. Alt attributes should not be forgotten - taking the trouble to re-upload images with file names translated to the respective language will give you the edge over your competitors. URLs are also often overlooked - a professional translator can check that your URLs are optimised and contain the language of the German section. If you have a physical office in your target country, include the address details on your landing page or contact page. Create German social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Have your head office listed in German business directories, then link to your German social profile from your German URLs. Professional translation converts and localises your content to German or any other language, so in effect you are re-using the same content to attract a much wider audience, saving yourself both time and money. Choose a SEO company that specializes in optimisation for the German market. While professional translation is essential, if you really want to give your website the best chance of gaining visibility in Germany, choosing a reputable digital marketing company that specializes on organic German SEO is equally important. In this regard, twigg's translations can highly recommend Vision64 GmbH without native German speakers or professional translators in-house, how will you know how accurate the translation is? While some people believe that running their web pages through a free translation service such as Google Translate is sufficient, this is far from the truth. While technology, such as translation memories, does play a role in speeding up professional translation services, using free translation technology as a substitute for high-quality human translators is always a poor business decision. Are you looking for a German SEO Company? Get to the Top of the German Search Engines with our German SEO Services! We are a bilingual SEO company offering German search engine optimization (SEO) services for English speaking clients. Do you want to reach the German speaking market with your services and products? Do you have a German translation of your website and are now looking to rank your site in the German search engines? As a bilingual SEO company we have a deep understanding of what it takes to rank a German website. We know the German market and can help you to uncover hidden keywords or ranking opportunities that a simple translation would never uncover. Many SEO companies say that they can rank any website with their strategies. You have to know the language at a copywriting level and share all the common knowledge and culture of a country to perform well in those few lines of words that make an excellent Ad. Your German user arrives at your page through a Search Engine or PPC and now you have to persuade him/her into action (buy, contact, write, Like, etc.) This is a critical stage when you have to make them trust you. In order to do this, you need to know what makes them tick, what they like or dislike, what words might resonate with them emotionally or stimulate them mentally. Now you are wishing you were German! Most of their international work is outsourced to other companies, so you not only don’t work directly with a qualified German SEO expert, but you also have to pay more, because these companies act as a middleman. Most of their services are very basic and don’t allow for much individualization, since they operate with the goal to get as many clients as possible from many different countries. If you search for German SEO companies online quite a few websites from SEO providers in Germany will pop up. Many of these companies are very small and most often don’t work a lot with international clients. Even if most people in Germany speak good English, their knowledge of the English language is often limited due to the low amount of international clients. How using professional translators and SEO company can ensure your website has the best chance of ranking well in the search engines. Why shouldn’t I simply use Google Translate? Adapting a website to another language and culture is a challenging task but is well worth the effort in terms of increased market share. When selling to German customers, translating your web pages well into German is very important when it comes to gaining a high ranking in search engines. Google Translate is free, very user-friendly and allows you to switch your content instantly between 65 different languages. Maybe this sounds too good to be true? Do you want to rank higher in the German search engines like Very good idea, the German online market is huge and Germans in general have very good buying power. When you have a successful product or service which can also work in Germany and the competition is not too big then you can be relatively easily successful in this country by adapting your online strategy for the German market. A good thing is that link building in Germany is not a very common pratice and normally comes with a hefty often monthly price tag to keep your backlinks online. For our German backlink promotional packages we have set up various German blogs and business listing sites which are all published on high quality German .de domains. All of these domains have high quality dofollow backlinks form trusted German sources. We can also come out with new ideas to target potential customers by creating more complex content strategies aimed to increase your visibility and reputation in search engines. We will check with you, discussing our suggestions and, after your approval, we will get to work implementing the content or publishing new pages and sections on your German website. Are there any popular and highly visited websites that are related to your business? When it comes to social media Marketing you cannot afford to be sloppy. I can’t believe it every time I see it, but there are still many companies wasting money in a careless, poorly translated PPC campaign! What would you say if you see an Ad that just doesn’t sound right in your language? And it’s not just about the grammar. Google AdWords setup and management Reach a wider audience German is the second most common language on the web after English Website tracking setup and analysis Article is in ordinary English, if you want us to write we will provide writing service too Market and keyword research Your content is more likely to be shared You will probably wonder what search engine optimization is and how it works. Briefly, it incorporates all the techniques that make a website rank among the first in the results list generated by search engines for certain keywords. Search engine rank optimization is a process of perfecting the visibility of web pages in the results list generated by search engines. SEO is a subcategory of online marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM deals with changing the ways a site is ranked by search engines and it also deals with the display of paid ads that are shown next to the results. SEM can mean: Pay-Per-Click advertising, paid links, or classic advertising (banners, GIF images). SEM generally relies on creating links towards various sites (link building), displaying paid ads next to search results or content (CPC/PPC, CPM or CPA). Automatic translation services often provide only a general interpretation of the content, missing finer points altogether and failing to convey the meaning of thoughts and words correctly. Even if your copy is grammatically correct, cultural differences also pose problems. For example, in German, the difference between formal and informal personal pronouns sie and du still persists and while an informal tone may be acceptable in English, it may come across as too familiar to German customers. In the worst case, your target audience may receive misleading information as the original sense has been lost in translation. You and your business run the risk of looking amateurish at best while, in the worst case scenario, you could tarnish your professional reputation by causing offence and public outrage that could be difficult to recover from. We will transfer this trust and link value on to your web site. Because we have every backlink option under our control we are able to deliver and if necessary alter backlinks and promotional text fast and on demand. Because we do not rely on third parties we are able to move fast and thus deliver more cheaper then other suppliers who rely on link placements on web sites of other web masters. All of our blogs, directories and web 2.0´s are hosted on different A-, B- and C-Class IP addresses. All backlinks are permanent so you will not have any recurring fees! All German links we link to your business are dofollow and we emulate and improve the link profiles of the top competitors that rank for the keywords we want to rank for as well. All anchor text ratios will be conform the latest Google Penguin algorithms and we will avoid over optimization at all cost. If you ready to order a German link building package then we need to know what is your budget and if you want to repeat the "linkaufbau" generation monthly or as a one time off! For long term linkbuilding we can offer interesting discounts and monthly link building will result in better results as continuous linking is a more natural way of forming a healthy link profile. Being an international company based in 3 different countries with over 10 years of intensive business experience, Relevance has the know-how and expertise to increase the leads and sales for your business. Being the largest Economy in Europe, Germany is a natural point of interest for luxury brands. Targeting German speakers, whether residing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or living in France as expats, is a clear way to increase your market penetration. You will benefit by obtaining quality backlinks from our network of partner websites to your business and our focus on local SEO included in our digital marketing services offered in German. Relevance Web Marketing applied German SEO to our website, including translating the site’s content into German.

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